Spydernights (spydernights) wrote in nutrition101,

Caffeine Dependence

Probably the first in a series of health-related posts, since that is what I'm feeling I should do with my life.

* * *

The over-use of caffeine is bad for you, and it's really easy to over-use.

There, I've said it. And here is a John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center's report and Psychiatric Times article to agree with me. Please note the line about "...caffeine-induced sleep disorder" in the Psychiatric Times.

It's also important to note that caffeine alter a person's mood or behavior can be seen in as little caffeine as 100mg. That's 15mg less then is in a Tall (the smallest size) Starbucks Café Au Lait. The US average of caffeine consumption is 280mg/day, according to a different John Hopkins study.

Yes, this is from a person who used to drink 96oz of Mountain Dew in an eight hour work shift. I feel loads better now that I'm not drinking caffeine then I ever did while I was drinking it.

(Crossposted to my personal journal.)
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