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Personal Training


My name is Sarah, I've been a member of this community for a while, and I'm also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. I train people in the gym and at their homes, but I'm now trying to start a new business venture.. Online training. I will be starting up my own website in a few months which will be geared towards creating very individualized plans in both nutrition and workouts to reach whatever goal you may have. I will have many options for plans and prices, however I'd like to get a few people started early (at EXTREEMLY discounted rates) so by the time my website is up I can have a section of "testimonies" and "successes". I dont want to get into any details right now (only because I don't want to clog up people's Friends pages) but if anyone is interested in my services PLEASE reply and I will contact you! I will charge only $10 per plan per month for the clients (through paypal), when regularly I will be charging $50 and up depending on plans. Each plan will be very detailed. This is a great oppertunity, so if you're intrested, comment and I'll get more info to you. Thanks!

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