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Balancing the Salt Intake

A few months back, I started an exercise program and tried to modify my diet, since I tend to have trouble with portions. While tracking my meals on an online log, I found that I was ingesting up 6,000 milligrams of sodium per day (or more), and this was through eating the Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine dinners that I normally had for lunch and dinner throughout the week. I don't even use much salt on my food. At any rate, I started making my own meals, eating the usual stuff I normally do, but cutting out the salt and using other spices to give it flavor, and I did manage to lose some weight. However, I started experiencing splitting headaches. After eliminating the usual suspects, I did some research and found that too little salt can also cause some health problems. Well, as with anything else, the dire warnings about fats, cholesterol and all the rest should be taken with a grain of ..... never mind.

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